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1 Minute Passersby

resting feet at the notre dame

Resting the pegs!

1 Minute Passersby is an idea I had whilst in Paris.  The girls had gone into a souvenir shop beside the Notre Dame Cathedral. Having tired feet from 4 weeks of walking the Streets, Avenues and Lanes  of a dozen amazing cities across Europe I decided to sit for a moment. I found a couple of steps by a side entrance to the Cathedral and planted my butt and just watched the people going by.

I took my Samsung Galaxy S2 phone out and snapped a picture of my feet resting when it just popped into my head. Take a 1 minute video and call it 1 minute passersby, simply video the people passing by the camera in one minute and do it at various locations.

Below are 5 of my “1 Minute Passersby” videos I shot in Paris. The first of course is the one shot at the side steps to the Notre Dame. I hope you enjoy them, click “like” or “share” if you do!

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