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Today is the day…

Posted by on 19 November, 2011

We have been planning our trip to Europe for some time now and from the very beginning we have acknowledged the need to get fit before we go, to ensure that we have a good time, without getting too tired or sustaining an injury from being under-prepared.  We did start walking each day a couple of months ago, but somehow we missed a day, then two and now it has been ages since we have ventured out just for the sake of exercise.

Today though we changed that … we got up and went for a walk. Dave suggested (maybe jokingly, I’m not sure) that we create a blog to record the physical activity we do ‘everyday’ in preparation for our trip…and also just for improving our health and wellbeing.

So, here we are…day 1. We walked to the Japanese Gardens, not far in distance but a good start. As Neil Armstrong said, one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind….well today is a giant leap for me.

Here’s to 365 days per year of activity….the journey has begun.

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