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2 days in a row…yay

Posted by on 20 November, 2011
West Creek Lake Parklands Toowoomba

West Creek Lake

They say the key to forming a habit is to do it for 30 days in a row…well at least we’ve made it to day 2 without faltering!

Our lovely neighbours came walking with us today too which was very nice. Their dog was the main attraction for Court & Amanda who think she is the perfect playmate for our Bella.

We took a different path today, heading down the hill (laws of gravity should have been front of mind here but somehow I missed that thought…) towards the West Creek pathways. The local council have done a great job transforming this area into a useful part of the neighbourhood. With paths, benches, bbq’s, playgrounds and seemingly endless pathways meandering around the numerous lakes that have been designed to slow the flow of the creek during times of heavy rainfall, I cannot help but wonder why this was my first time walking down here in over 8 years of living in the area.

Joy and Amy

Needless to say, the stroll was very enjoyable on such a beautiful day. Good thing we went out early as it was not yet too hot to be comfortable. But then, as we turned to head back home the whole “what goes up must come down” theory came to mind…in reverse though, as we stood at the bottom of the seemingly enormous hill.

Obviously we made it up and home again….feeling as though I had conquered Mt Everest my self-esteem went up a few notches.¬†After a glass of water (note to self…take a water bottle tomorrow) and a few minutes cooling down, I decided to keep moving a hopped onto the Wii Fit. Doing the daily test and finding out my current weight was a bit of a shock (how can your mind prevent you from seeing reality???) but after a few exercises I am beginning to think this whole getting active kick will do wonders for not only my body but also my mind!

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