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Day two, Sunday morning.

Posted by on 20 November, 2011

After a chat over the side fence Saturday evening, our neighbours Amy and Steve and baby Penny and their dog Biscuit (bikky) decided to join us on our daily activity today which was great. Here’s hoping they join us again.

We walked at a good pace down to the parklands along the creek where we did a loop around some of the lakes before returning up a steep incline. With European cities where we are going mostly consisting of hill and dale, up hill and down hill walking is in order I think.

And the kids are off at a cracking pace....for about 30 seconds.

On the walk we pass a Native Flying Fox colony, seen by some as a pest as they tend to mess up areas with their excrement. This colony has been moved on by rangers several times in the past. Once from the Japanese Gardens and once from the Garden Centre across the road from its current home.

flying fox fruit bats toowoomba parks gardens

Trees with many flying foxes, West creek park, Kearneys Spring.

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