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Day 3 – Monday is a work day

Posted by on 21 November, 2011

I am hoping that by walking and watching what I eat I can shed a few pounds. This should help with the European vacation by lessening the strain on knees, lower back etc allowing for a much greater experience…well that’s the plan. We walked the block this morning and the weather was fine.

This afternoon, when driving the kids home from school I spotted the neighbours out for another walk. Perhaps we have encouraged them to start walking again like they were a year ago!

My work finds me in front a computer most of the time and I am now on the wrong side of forty which means I have packed on the kilograms as a result. It is now time for them to leave.

We eat very little junk food in the form of takeaways. Breakfast, lunch and dinners are mostly prepared at home. Not much is heavily processed either so I believe that we have a fairly good diet. Alcohol is only consumed in moderation and infrequently at that though chocolate is a vice I do have that calls out to me each night.

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