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What is more physical?

Posted by on 22 November, 2011
Slippery Slope

Slippery Slope

Going for a walk….or washing the car?

Answer: Washing the car (on a slope)

Court has been trying to earn money for a while to buy a new instrument and one of her options was to wash the cars. We have been waiting for a while for this to happen and whilst it isn’t an issue to not pay her the money, eventually the time comes when the car just really needs to be cleaned.


Clean machine

So this morning when David asked “do you want to go for a walk?”, my response was “no….we can wash the cars instead”.

Amanda has early morning swimming training on Tuesday’s, so after dropping her off we got to it. David & Court washed one and I washed the other. We moved the cars onto the grass to make an efficient use of the water…though without really thinking about it, mine was parked on the slope beside the driveway. This didn’t seem to have any significance to begin, however by the end I am sure that it added greatly to which muscles were used.

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