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Back on the wagon

Posted by on 28 November, 2011

Wow…a few days can pass very quickly if you aren’t careful.
Whilst I tend to sit down at my computer everyday for one thing or another, making the time to write on a blog can be a challenge.
Friday morning was drizzly and it didn’t take much for me to put off going for a walk..”we will go this evening” I said. Well, we kind of did, but only from the carpark to Amanda’s touch field and back…not really enough to get the heart rate up.
Saturday was not much better. Dave and Court went out to garage sales, but Amanda and I stayed home until I had to go to work. In the afternoon though, Dave and I tackled a bit of Christmas shopping…we did walk a fair bit, though again not really exerting ourselves.

Spring Bluff Station

Sunday though was a different story…with determination, we got up and ready to go for a walk. It was a beautiful, sunny day. We jumped in the car and drove up to Picnic Point where we walked around the various paths, down to the bottom of the waterfall which was actually running. We cannot be certain, but the girls can never remember seeing it running before…after so many years of drought, all man made waterfalls have been switched off, and even though the start of this year saw devastating floods, the last few months have been quite dry again….so it was a real surprise to see the water gushing down the rockface and into the pools below.
While the girls decided to have a play on the playground equipment, Dave and I took Bella for a walk down Tobruk Drive. Not wanting to get carried away, we only walked down the road about 250 metres and then turned and walked back up (though I am sure it was about 2km on the way back up).
Afterward, we took a drive around the surrounding areas of Toowoomba, through Murphy’s Creek to Spring Bluff, Highfields, Kingsthorpe, Wyreema, Mount Tyson and Vale View looking at potential routes for our upcoming Car Rally in early 2012. It is nice to get out for a Sunday Drive and see the local area…especially trying to look at it from a tourist perspective.
This morning it is Monday again…a work day (though I do work weekends as well). The girls are on holidays now and while I am sure they would have loved to sleep in like most of their friends would have been, they were up and getting ready for swimming training which started at 7:30am. Dave and I took a walk around the neighbourhood, taking a couple of different turns this time, although it lead us back along a main road which was fine as it has a good footpath, but a bit noisy and busy. At least we were up and moving though…I have noticed that my levels of happiness and tolerance seem to be directly linked to whether or not I have exercised…I take care not to fall off the wagon again.

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