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The morning sounds stilled by the heavy air

Posted by on 1 December, 2011

I had to agree with Joy this morning when she noted that it was quiet. Sounds were deadend by the thick air. Very little traffic noise to be heard at all, only birds to remind us the world was still ok. The air was heavy with the expectation of rain, still, a little humid yet very pleasant to be out in. The calm atmosphere allowed me to take some photos of reflections in the ponds at the Japanese Gardens, something that does not happen that often. The lack of wind also meant that I was able to discover a phenomenon that you do not see that often… a levitating rock, a small stone suspended in mid air, floating about 3 feet off the ground. Here is a picture to prove it.

Daves amazing levitating floating hovering rock

Yep, it is about 6 or 7 mm across and about 3 feet off the ground.

I have included below here a gallery of reflections at Toowoombas Japanese Gardens. I do live in hope that one morning it will be sunny, blue skies and still, with not a drop of wind…but for now we will just go with the grey & overcast.

Now, back to that hovering rock phenomenon. It was really suspended off the ground! the calm morning meant that the spiders thread that suspended the rock was holding up, long enough to be discovered by me. Here is two more pics of the floating rock in which you can just see the web.

Daves floating suspended  hovering rock toowoombadaves suspended hovering floating rock toowoomba

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