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Posted by on 2 December, 2011

Life is full of changes…some that we hope and dream about, others that come and go without noticing much and those that we really wish were not happening.

On our walk this morning I noticed quite a few things that have changed…either quickly or over time…

Stormwater runoff residue

1. The weather: the day before yesterday was hot, yesterday was steamy then it rained, today it is cool.

2. Sense of smell: somedays I don’t seem to notice any particular smells, I am sure they are there, I just don’t notice them. Other days, such as today, my senses seemed to be on high alert, noticing a piece of fruit that had turned in the bottom of the fruit bowl; the jasmine (one of my favourite fragrances) as we walked through the laneway; and the rotting waste that had been washed up on the bank of the West Creek lake overflow during yesterday’s rain.

Park, Playground & Pile

3. What is more fun: now this shouldn’t really surprise me, but one sight we saw today brought it to my attention. As we walked past Wagner’s Park there were three things in view that would all be considered fun…in varying degrees depending on your age and potentially your gender (although that may not be true in all accounts). The first, a cricket pitch and large grass oval which could also be used for kicking a ball around or flying a kite or maybe even carefully practicing your chipping; the second, a playground with lots of things to climb, swing and slide on; and the third, a large, neat pile of dirt, to climb up, use as a bike jump, play trucks on…or if I were a 10 yr old I could imagine a million other things to do with…though now, as a ‘grown up’ my mind almost instantly thinks of how hard it would be to get the stains out of their clothing from playing in the red soil.

4. How much easier it is starting to get walking back up the hill from West Creek…though maybe the different laneway we took wasn’t as steep, but it did seem to be somewhat easier today…and my calf muscles weren’t screaming out in pain halfway, which was the nicest change of all.

5. My children abilities: last night was the Christmas Piano Concert which saw the end of an era as the lady that ran the music studio is moving onto another part of her journey. After 7 years with KPMS it was a little bit sad…though not everything is changing, the girls actual piano teacher, Tiffany is starting up her own business and will be able to continue teaching Court & Amanda. Their skills of playing have also changed, from the simple tunes to the more complex. Last night Court played the ‘Theme from Star Wars’ and Amanda played ‘You’ve got a friend in me’ from Toy Story, and then they played a duet of ‘Tomorrow’ from Annie. Well done girls, you played beautifully and I know that with plenty of practice your performance next year will be even better again.

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