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Does video freak you out?

Posted by on 3 December, 2011

It seems that many people do not like the idea of being on video…or filmed, even in the background.

For our activity today, I went out to garage sales with Dave. We have recently purchased a digital video camera and my first attempt at using it was less than impressive, so I thought it would be good to get some practice in before we go on holidays and I fail to capture those special moments due to my lack of videography skills. I tried: filming in the car while driving…not too bad except that it made me a little nauseous; filming Dave walking around…okay, except when he came close and I found myself not being able to zoom out and forgetting that I have two feet and a heartbeat; filming things…trying to zoom in to capture the small details without shaking life a leaf in the breeze; and panning, from side to side…though I haven’t watched the film back yet I think I may have moved a bit quick on occasions and again am likely to end up feeling a bit queasy when it comes time to watching it back (I may need to learn how to use the ‘slow motion’ edit feature.

It was interesting also to see the reactions of the other people at the garage sale…some turned around quickly (like they think their back side is better than the front?!?!) and others seemed a bit curious but still stepped sideways to move out of my direct line. No one seemed to get too upset though, at least not vocally…it makes me wonder about how reality tv shows cope, do the producers go ahead and preposition people, or just edit out any comments later…

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