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Sailing round the Garage Sales

Posted by on 3 December, 2011

I like garage sales, It’s the treasure hunter, the prospector, the explorer, the gatherer (not hoarder) in me that allows me to waken early on a Saturday, burst from the house without breakfast, occasionally a travel mug of coffee and grasping a hastily produced map and list courtesy of the Internet giant GOOGLE® and the local paper The Chronicle…Seems that there is no longer the need to purchase the paper anymore, the garage sale listings are online so we can copy paste and exit the building. One day maybe my laptop will dispense money and I will not have to visit an ATM to cash up for garage sales either.

This week Joy came along which was great. We spent about $80.00 on a wide assortment of bits and pieces ranging from bones and Brave Heart through to Little Red Riding Hood and a 12 point Stag head. The bones are a put together yourself skeleton kit about 3 feet high of the human anatomy and since Amanda talks about wanting to be a Radiologist it made a sense to see if she had an interest in assembling and looking at human body parts, all be it, plastic ones. The Brave Heart of course was a DVD of the movie starring Mel Gibson. Little Red was a 3″ ornament I took a liking too and now have in the display cabinet. The 12 point stag head is a real find I think. It is part of a figural ‘pocket watch holder’ from I think late 19th century. Possibly around 1880’s-1890’s.

Antique Pocket watch stand stag deer pocket watch figural holder

Antique Pocket watch holder, 12 points refers to the tips on the stags antlers

Another find I was very happy with was a Korg Guitar Tuner to go with the acoustic guitar we got last week…bargain!

So Joy could practice using the new video camera, on the go, she brought it along garage sale-ing and it was funny to experience the range of responses amongst the garage sale hosts. If we shoot a couple more hours of footage we might be able to put together a pilot for a new TV series.  How does Australian Family Pickers sound?

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