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This isn’t easy…

Posted by on 10 December, 2011

“This” in this instance, means doing some physical activity everyday and writing on the blog daily. I know there is a saying that ‘life wasn’t meant to be easy’, I don’t know who coined the phrase but I wish they hadn’t. I do believe that if you say something enough times and believe it is true, then eventually it will become true. So……I want to say that ‘life was made to enjoy’ ….. I am not trying to suggest it won’t be without it’s challenges, but it should be enjoyable.

This week has been challenging, however if I be honest in thinking about what I have ‘wished’ for lately, I think I have actually got what I wanted…..note to self, be sure to start wishing for more than just one thing…. I will explain (as briefly as possible) what I am on about. My job is basically sales…I sell home loans (among other things, but I did say I would keep it brief)…I have worked for a large company for many, many years and have almost always enjoyed what I have had to do….recently my target increased significantly (requiring more work to earn the same amount of money) and it made me question a number of things, mainly, my sanity and how much I value my time….without really making a conscious decision, I decided to keep doing what I am doing (opposed to doing something else, not that I didn’t think about all the options of what else I could do)….so, after discussions with people that I value the opinion of, I ‘wished’ to become more successful than I have been in the past (not that I haven’t been successful, because I have been….but MORE so). Those that I spoke to believed in me, and my ability to make my wish come true….and they have been right….this last couple of weeks has shown the commencement of my wish fulfillment.

Now…what does that mean….well basically it means that much more of my time is being spent working, rather than living….but again, I am not complaining, I got what I wished for didn’t I…..but as I said earlier, I now need to wish for more than one thing.

So, aside of work….this week I have managed to fit in 2 walks to the Japanese Gardens and a lovely evening with our neighbours who came over for dinner last night.

Therefore, I am putting it out there that I wish to be successful in my career AND be successful in making time to have and enjoy (& blog about) the Daily Activities that Compliment the Journey that is my life.

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