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The Two That Got Away

Posted by on 22 December, 2011

Though we tried not to focus on the fact, it is true that today is our last full day at Goolwa. Dave and I spent some time up in the adult’s lounge this morning while the kids went to a Junior Masterchef Masterclass (Marine Cove style). We played pool and did a bit of work while they made Reindeer biscuits and Chocolate Truffles.

After lunch, we picked up the fishing rods and went for a walk up the road a bit to the Goolwa Public Jetty. A small, wooden jetty that is just a couple of feet above the water leads out over the reedy grass shallows and curves around to run parallel to the bank for a few metres. The object: to catch a carp, using bread as bait. It sounded a little odd to me when Dave mentioned it, when we arrived though, another fellow was there that seemed to be a local, and sitting beside his large esky was half a bag of bread. The kids started off strong, casting out and reeling in….they were then encouraged further by our fishing neighbour who caught a large carp after about 5 minutes. However, after our neighbour caught another 2 fish, the kids were starting to wain…until Courtney caught one! Then Mitchell caught one!! Then Dave caught two!!! We gave the fish to our fishing neighbour, except one, which was feed to the friendly pelican on the jetty.

I know that it is a lame thing to claim…but I did catch a fish, in fact I caught 2 fish…the first one while I was on the phone and couldn’t reel it in in time….and the second when I was re-applying sunscreen…my hands were covered in sunscreen so I reacted late and also couldn’t grip the reel properly…the fish decided to swim around the wooden pylon and tangle the line, which I had to end up breaking off as it couldn’t be unsnagged… oh well, there is always next time.

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