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Destination: Home

Posted by on 3 January, 2012

On the 14th of December Dave, Mum, Court and I started our 3 day journey to Goolwa which is about 2hrs South of Adelaide. On the first few days it was constant stopping to take photo’s of stuff (because we haven’t driven to Adelaide before) and arrived at ‘Marine Cove Resort’ at about 2pm to start our week long stay there. That night Dave and I went to go pick up the boys. After the week we went to Adelaide to stay with Dave’s brother Jamie and his daughter Jasmine.we stayed there over Christmas which was a really good day. On Christmas eve Jasmine left to go to her mum Tess’s house and came back the next morning.

On Christmas morning we opened our stocking early (as usual) and found lots of cool stuff. After we opened our stockings (and played with all our stuff) we opened our presents from Santa (we had to wait for everyone else to open the other ones) and Courtney opened a 15 in 1 ipod touch pack (she didn’t have an ipod touch) and then I opened Mario Kart 7 3D (and I didn’t have a 3D.S). At first we thought Santa had thought we had those things but the Courtney opened her other one to find an ipod touch and I opened my other one to find a red 3D.S. We were really happy that morning and played our gaming devices all morning (until everybody else arrived).

A few days after we went ino the centre of Adelaide to stay a night there.

A few things I learnt on the trip was that:

  1. How wine was made
  2. That Azurite is blue and Malicyte is green
  3. That the oldest hotel in Broken Hill is called ‘The Palace Hotel’ and it’s 122 years old
  4. The second largest verander in the southern hemisphere is at the palace hotel in Broken Hill
  5. The largest verander in the southern hemisphere is in Cobar


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