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omg….85 days

Posted by on 31 March, 2012

Well, they say time flies when you are having fun…by the look of my activity on this site I must have been having sooo much fun that I couldn’t stop for a minute. In only 85 days from now, we are flying to Europe…or more accurately, we are flying to Malaysia….after that, we HOPE we are flying to Europe.

We selected a low-cost airline for our flights, who advised a few months ago that they are no longer flying to Europe. Staying as calm as possible, we are now waiting to hear which airline we will be on for our KL to Paris leg of the flight (and return, though I am hardly worried about coming back, so that is by the by).

We have booked about one third of our accommodation for our trip so far, another third will be booked before we go, once we find out where the tour is actually staying…the last third though we are thinking about leaving until we get there…after all, who wants to be rushing from one place to another just because we have a hotel booked. The flexibility to linger and enjoy the places that we find most appealing is surely a better plan…my only concern is that this part of our journey is from Venice to Avignon, along the Italian and French Riviera, though Monaca and Nice….now what was I saying about not being worried about the flight home…oh well, I am sure we will be conscious of when we ‘really’ need to be back in Paris.

So, what have we been doing these last 3 months (besides working)…early Jan we came home from Adelaide, then had Amanda’s birthday before going to the coast before the girls went back to school, in Feb we organised a Car Rally which was lots of fun, in March we had Court’s birthday and a Japanese exchange student, Ayuko come to stay plus the Glennie Fair and last weekend Dave & I actually managed to have a game of golf (for the first time in about 12 months).

It is time to get serious now about getting fitter…over the next 85 days I need to get myself into a position where I can walk up (and down) 300 steps, tramp around an amusement park for 10 hours straight, climb up and down rolling green hills that are alive with the sound of music and still be able to step onto a boat without falling into a venetian canal. Not to mention doing it all while learning how to say “water”, “toilet”, “how much?” and “how far?” in several languages…

Anyway, for today we are off to hockey this morning, followed by submitting passport renewal applications for Dave and the girls (mine is still okay for a few years yet) and then, if we get there in time, getting an international driving permit…I should add to my new words to learn “left” and “right”…it might help a bit!

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