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April fool???

Posted by on 1 April, 2012

Today is April first, commonly known as April fool’s day.

As I have not yet got out of bed, I am feeling quite safe, however I know that at least one member of my immediate family quite enjoys playing tricks and I am sure that I will need to be on my guard this morning!

This is my first time typing my blog on my new toy! a Samsung Galaxy tablet which I bought yesterday with the prize money from a recent competition at work : It is pleasing to know that all of the effort I have been putting in lately has been recognised. I chose this particular tablet for 2 reasons! 1. it has the features I wanted! such as being light weight, thin, has a camera adapter so I will be able to upload photos from my camera easily even when we are away from home and it does not have the option to insert a sim card therefore I cannot get a huge bill for data usage; 2. the price was right, I had a budget of $375 and managed to get this for $377.60 (plus for camera adapter for $31.

I am a little bit disappointed that the person that I ended up buying from was not really very nice or helpful (ignorant and arrogant were the words we used at the time) however I am afraid that by that time of day after having been to lots of stores and looking at lots of options, I knew what I wanted and that store had the best price. I wish I had the money and time to buy from the person that provided the best service, but this time it couldn’t happen that way 🙁

Anyway, today is a new day and we are off to hockey again this morning. Amanda’s team won their game yesterday 3-0, so hopefully they will play well again today. Two of their players are away on holidays so with only 9 on the field again they will be running, but I am sure they will have fun and try their best regardless.

Okay it is almost 8am so I am going to get up and be on guard for my little april fooler 🙂

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