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Where does the day go?

Posted by on 3 April, 2012

I know that science tells us that every minute has sixty seconds and that every hour has sixty minutes and that every day has 24 hours and that every week has seven days…but some days I think that perhaps time is just a theory and that there really is less minutes in a particular day.

We have passed the equinox for season so the days are said to be getting shorter, but that is only daylight hours, the actual time in a day remains the same according to our clocks and electronic calendars…so why then is it so hard to get some things done in a day sometimes.

For days now there have been several things that keep me awake in the ‘hour of the wolf’ …you know, between about 3-4am…but no matter what I do, I just annot seem to find/make time to get them finalised during the day lately. With the lead up to the Easter long weekend, followed directly by an extra two days away on a conference I am feeling the weight of what I need to get done.

So, here is to the hope of getting a full nights sleep tonight, so that I can be as productive and organised as possible tomorrow and hopefully take a little pressure off before Thursday when we have planned to leave straight after work in the evening to go camping, fishing and relaxing for the weekend…providing I find 10 minutes to through a few things in a bag to take away…thank heavens for Dave, Mum & Dad who have all been getting all of the essentials ready as well as keeping the girls entertained since they have been on holidays!

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