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Posted by on 9 April, 2012

When I was young we used to go camping quite often at various locations, sometimes in the country, sometimes at the beach…it never mattered to me where we went, just that we went. We went to Fraser Island and Rainbow Beach several times and on one occasion I bought a t-shirt which had a business man running towards the beach undressing as he went leaving a trail of clothing and accessories behind him, including a mobile phone that someone was still talking to him on, in his wake…I thought I ‘got it’ then…I know I ‘get it’ know.

BellaFor the last 4 days and nights, we have been camping, boating, fishing, eating, playing games, relaxing and just spending time together…the weather has been perfect with warm days, clear skies and slightly cooler evenings…and most excitingly, with no work or ‘technology’ to hinder the experience. Just knowing that I didn’t have to check my messages and read my emails was lovely, but to also then have a great holiday at the same time was fantastic.

Whilst we went to Coolmunda Dam and stayed in the caravan park which is barely 1km from the water’s edge, our most enjoyable time was spent on the MacIntyre River, just a few kilometres away. Dave and I had been out early looking for ‘ye old fishing hole’ and whilst it was definately not signposted, the spot that we found was idyllic. When we first arrived, the water was so still that the trees were perfectly mirrored in the glass like surface of the river…we sat and fished a little while, with Dave catching 2 fish that weren’t able to be eaten (thankfully, I don’t really like all the cleaning and cooking associated with freshly caught fish)…

AmandaCourt kayakingDaveThe next day (and the day after that) we went back to that spot with Mum and the girls to spend the afternoons in the cool shade of the trees and the quiet (especially compared to the dam where there are speed boats and jet skis flying around…which are heaps of fun, but very noisy). We took the kayak and inflatable boat out onto the river and also tried fishing again, though didn’t catch anything else. There was also plenty of time to read, do some puzzles and take some photos.

Rays of the setting sun

As we were leaving there last night, I took this photo of the early night sky with rays of the setting sun visible, along with the ‘evening star’ which is really a planet, I simple reminder of the peace and tranquility that exists, if only we take the time to stop and notice it…

Now, we are home and the countdown to our trip to Europe is just 75 days…I am away at the Gold Coast for the next 2 days for a conference and we have quite a few things coming up in April and May, so I am quite sure that the time between now and when we leave is going to fly by…so I really want to try and take those few moments every now and then to stop and notice what is happening each and every day…

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