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Where to focus?

Posted by on 24 May, 2012

For the last twelve months we have been preparing for our trip to Europe. We have also done lots of other things too, some of which we have managed to post on here and others that just slide by. Now, we are one month from departure and it seems like that is all I am thinking about…the day to day things are becoming a blur as time as rushing past.

Last week we attend the Eisteddfod which was thoroughly enjoyable and it was an intense reminder that the girls are growing up and learning all the time. Amanda performed in the piano section earning a very credible score and then performed several times with the school choir with wonderful results. Court performed with the choirs, including the school chorale and the tour choir which sounded wonderful for a group that has only had a few actually rehearsals together.

Hockey and netball have been continuing each week ensuring the girls are getting some physical activity and using the motor skills that were such a focus in the days of their early development. Neither are particularly competitive, however Amanda has negotiated a financial incentive plan for her performance which is potentially influencing her efforts.

Dave continues to work hard at developing his business and work hard at keeping the household clean, feed and in the right place at the right time. It is to be duely noted that at the end of the hectic Eisteddfod week the kitchen bench was clean, there was food in the fridge and we didn’t drop any kilos from skipping too many meals…

We have even taken a few walks, though once again a slip of missing a day due to having to go out of town for work on Monday for me and Tuesday for Dave has resulted in a loss of momentum and we then didn’t go yesterday or today either…the weather (until today) has definately not been any deterant, with cool crisp mornings and clear comfortable days it has been the type of weather that you dream of having for your holidays, not a cloud in sight and only a gentle breeze. Today though is not quite so perfect, but still comfortable nonetheless.

So, with 31 days to go before our Europe adventure begins, we have finalised arrangements for flights, vehicle and all but three nights of accomodation. The budget is going reasonably well, with only a couple of nights exceeding our AUD 100 goal, though plenty hve come in under so on average we are good…the financial unrest in the euro zone is a slight concern…thankfully Greece was never on our itinerary but the euro has slipped back over the last few weeks and I am glad that we booked and paid for most things when it was good.

Anyway, I should now head off to work, have to keep earning so that we have plenty of funds for all the sights and tastes we are looking forward to experiencing!

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