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One week and one day…

Posted by on 16 June, 2012

Time will never stand still, nor do we want it to. With so much to see and do in our brief lives we want things to be new and exciting…but sometimes, it seems to rush by at a faster than desired pace.

In one week and one day, we depart on our holiday. I won’t look up the definition of ‘holiday’ as in all honesty I don’t believe our upcoming adventure would actually fit the description, however regardless of the name, we will soon be on our way to experience the sights, sounds and smells of a place other than home.

We have received the final (or hopefully final) schedule for the organised group section of the trip which sets out where each of the performances will be taking place and confirms where the tour group are staying. As we (except Court) are not on the actual tour, it is pleasing to see that their accommodation isn’t too far from ours on most occasions. I have created a new ‘page’ on this blog where you can find our itinerary, a list of dates showing where we will be on each day and also if there is a Performance on and it’s location. If I am clever enough, when we are there, I will link the related photos and story to the place name, so you will be able to click on the link and read about our daily activities.

There really isn’t too much more to be done before we are ‘officially’ ready to go. I found a couple of pair of nice comfy pants today, so the last thing I want to get is some comfy new shoes. Court hasn’t packed yet, but now has her list of what she is required to take for performances etc, so hopefully she will be able to make up some ground in that department tomorrow morning…

Our usual daily happenings are still happening…Amanda played hockey this morning and was given the opportunity to also play up a grade in the Under 13’s for a bit of experience. It was a great opportunity and she enjoyed it very much. Court went to the movies this morning with some friends…they grow up so fast…it is exciting but a makes me a bit nervous too, something I am just going to have to get used to though. She also played netball this afternoon it what was not their greatest game ever…another player took a tumble resulting in an injured ankle…that is the third one from this team this season.

This week will no doubt fly by, but I will endeavour to pop a couple more updates on before we leave…

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