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It was the night before…

Posted by on 23 June, 2012

It is just after 9:30pm Saturday… In approx 24 hours time we will be on a plane, on our way to the other side of our planet, though not quite all in one go, but at least we will finally be on our way!

I am hoping for a good night’s sleep, though not really expecting it…excitement and anxiety in equal parts are controlling my senses at the moment and I doubt my mind will settle enough, but I am off to give it a try anyway.

Here is a map of Europe with the general route we will be travelling…this may help some of our friends and family visualise where we will be over the next 5 weeks. Thanks to Mum and her friend Nick for putting it together…I have prepared a few over the last year, but none since the last few changes were made.


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