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We’re off, up and away!

Posted by on 24 June, 2012

Isn’t it funny how song lyrics become what you want them to be, in your head.. I have “we’re up up and away, in my beautiful balloon” going around in my head and then it is bluring with a very old TAA ad…maybe their jingle used the song, I cannot be sure, but either way we are all very excited to be on our way.

I love to see new places, but the inside of a low cost airline airport isn’t really awe inspiring in general and the Gold Coast Airport is no exception…with the usual suspects of stores and food outlets the only thing that sparks the senses is passing through the duty free shop and having a hundred different perfume scents blended together. As it is dark now we cannot see our plane properly, though the girls have confirmed it is there and looks like it is being refuelled and c

leaned, so that is good news.image

Our trip to the airport from home was smooth and thankfully uneventful…thanks so much to Dad for driving us!!! Due to their being 4 of ‘us’ now and only having 5 seats in the car, Mum stayed home and played with Bella and Boy…we will miss them all very much, but will love sharing our experiences with them throug the wonders of technology and when we get home.

Ten minutes til boarding now…see you on the flip side!

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