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Live from KL

Posted by on 25 June, 2012

First touchdown complete!

After a half hour delay departing the Gold Coast, we took off on our flight to Kuala Lumpur. The A330 was clean and comfortable as could be expected for economy class on a low cost carrier. Courtney took the window seat, then Amanda then I had the aisle, with Dave on the opposite side of the aisle. We had no issue with carrying on our bags, 2 each which were all around the 6-7 kg mark, though no one asked to weigh or measure them. We joined the queue for boarding early, so had the luxury of fitting our bags overhead above our seats, to make it easier to access our stuff if required during the flight.

We had pre-ordered our meal and a little while into the flight it was served. I am not sure how long it was because I had a nap first. Dinner was a chicken lasagne, which was nice enough, if not a little salty and could really have used a nice salad on the side, but it filled the spot and didn’t make anyone ill.

We estimate there were about 450 passengers on the flight, yet it was surprisingly quiet and I didn’t have any trouble falling asleep…except for the munchkin beside me wriggling (I had forgotten how much she moves around while sleeping) I think I was relatively undisturbed for a good five hours or more. Sleeping sitting up is never the best sleep to have, but all in all I feel pretty good, if not a little dehydrated from the constant air-conditioning.

So now, it is just turning 6am here in KL and we are sitting in the KLIA-LCCT all taping away on some electronic device or other after having had a drink and a small chicken sandwich. The jazz music makes it feel like you could be anywhere…but a quick look out the windowat the people, taxis and signs reminds me where we are and that it is now time to go and buy our taxi ticket and head into town. Fortunately we researched beforehand to know that taxi tickets are 50% more expensive before 6am…


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