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Where’s the Sun and going Banana’s

Posted by on 26 June, 2012

Travelling from the Airport to the Hotel by bus to KL Sentral around 7.00am I was starting to wonder when the sun might make an appearance. I did geography in high school and so I know the sun rises in all countries, not just Australia. By 7.30am or so I was shown that the sun had been up for quite some time. It was just not penetrating the smoke and smog in this part of the world. Later in the day our guide Simba told me that the particularly thick smog was due to the Indonesians over the other side of the Malacca straits burning off.

smog smoke sunrise kuala lumpur

Around 7.30AM - The sun rising over Kuala Lumpur through heavy smog - smoke

Visiting the Batu caves in KL is quite the experience, Steps, STEEP steps, more steps and then after that…if you like…there’s more steps. Oh…and there’s monkeys, chickens and Hindu holy men too.

batu caves kuala lumpur

The steps are steeper than they look from here, and theres more of them I swear.


Here’s a clip of a monkey with his coconut. As you climb the steps the monkeys would hurl their coconuts down onto the concrete from their perch up on the lamp posts….sometimes quite close to you…a little startling at first however since I didn’t see anyone getting about with their head split open I assume the monkeys had bad aim.

Another treat for the day was visiting the Elephant sanctuary at Lanching, Penang. They specialize in relocating Elephants for their safety and also for villagers safety. Here if you are one of the lucky ones  you can feed, ride and swim with Elephants. Whilst the main show was going on I was asked if I would like to go into the compounds with the baby Elephants and give them a basket of feed. That was a memorable experience which was due largely in part by the good work of our guide for the day, Simba, who drove us about and took care of us  ensuring we got a great experience. You can check out his website here at  Highly recommended.

Big day today shopping so I’ll see if I can add more whilst at the airport waiting to fly out to Paris tonight.

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