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On da autobahn again…

Posted by on 29 June, 2012

Just can’t wait to get on da autobahn again…to see my daughter making music with her friends…I couldn’t wait to get on da autobahn again…goin’ places that I’ve never been…seeing things that I hope to see again…I couldn’t wait to get on da autobahn again!

Like a band of gypsies, we are on the highway to the Montreux Jazz Festival! Leaving Frankfurt at 8am is a breeze, though if you were even thinking of heading into town at that time I would strongly suggest you stay in bed for another half hour instead…


One of the things Dave wanted to do while in Europe was drive fast on an autobahn…and today he gets his wish…I am sitting in the passenger seat typing this blog, intentionally not looking at the speedo or the proximity of the other vehicles we are passing…but noticing that we sway left to right regularly, as the rules are that if you are not overtaking someone you need to stay in the righthand lane so that you can be overtaken…even though we are doing 160km per hour, we are still being overtaken…amazing!! The roads are wide and smooth and it doesn’t really feel any different to doing 100km per hour on the highway at home……so long as you aren’t trying to focus on the scenary flashing past…


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