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Life in the burbs

Posted by on 8 July, 2012

No matter where you go when your are on vacation, there is always someone who calls that place home…

This afternoon we have stopped walking around looking at all of the recommeded sights in Bratislava to take some time out to do the laundry. Now I know that many travellers will say “why? Just rinse stuff in the bathroom sink”…but personally, I prefer to wash and dry clothes properly when I have the chance. A chinese laundry in our hotel room isn’t all that pleasant, I do it when I have too, but not if I can avoid it…plus, when you have laundry for four people, the time it takes to wash one item at a time in a small sink and then try and squeeze them out so they have a chance of drying is longer than I like to spend on domestic chores anyway…

With today’s technology, a couple of minutes doing a google search to find a laundromat and it’s location on the map, then plugging the address into the tomtom is about the same time as it takes just to work out how you are going to secure your travel clothes line up in a room that only has hooks on one wall!

Today, the location of the laundry has also given us the opportunity to have a walk around a part of Bratislava that is definately not on the tourist map. A suburb just a few kilometers from our hotel called Karlova Ves is filled with high density apartment blocks, cars parked on every kerbside, young families out walking with their babies in prams and singles out walking their dogs…every apartment block is painted a different colour, some have clearly been renovated recently and others are in need of some tlc…there are restaurants, cafes and bars on nearly every block and playgrounds at every turn.

One of the curious things is the dog waste bins, with brown paper bags attached for people to use for free…there is definately an emphasis on this as there is one on every corner, yet the streets are littered with rubbish…I wonder why this is, surely if you are willing to pick up your dog’s business you can throw your coke can in the bin…

Anyway, our load is about to finish in the dryer, so I will wrap up now…for anyone coming to Bratislava, I can recommend the Flipper Wash at Jamnického 1. The 6kg washer takes 28 minutes and costs €3.60 (there is a token machine which takes notes and coins and also gives change) and the dryers are €0.20 for 4 minutes. They have free wifi, parking out the front and chairs to relax in both inside and out!


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