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Pula – Croatia

Posted by on 12 July, 2012

Roman Arena - Pula

Pula on the southern tip of the Istria Peninsula in Croatia was a lovely spot where unfortunately, we could only spend 1 night on our way around to Italy from Budapest, Hungary.

It seems Pula has been a very popular place to visit for thousands of years as it has a very long history with evidence of Homo Erectus in a cave nearby, neolithic pottery discovered, Bronze age hilltop forts and a very evident and long Roman history when the Romans had their grand empire having declared Pula a colonial outpost in the 10th region under Julius Caesar. wiki article on Pula

We stayed in a back packers in a tiny cabin on the side of the hill on a little bay around from Pula’s main harbour.
Pula’s main harbour had been a major Naval base for centuries especially when it was part of the Austro-Hungarian empire circa 1800’s. It has served as a naval base for many armies over its history and some of our photos below are from a now defunct Naval Base.

Pula also has probably the most original intact roman arena you can see in the world. It is in great condition and looks like it could stand for another 2000 years.

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