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Posted by on 17 July, 2012

I have had children of my own now for a little over 14 years…and I was a child myself for at least that many years too…so you would think that after that much time, I would be better at understanding of what a child ‘sees’…but alas no, it still surprises me constantly that we can be looking at the same sight and see something different entirely.

Case in point..we are in Monaco…playground of the rich and famous. I know as a child I loved the television programme ‘Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous’ and though my memory isn’t great with details, I am sure this was one of the places that was a frequently featured location. The glamour, the jewels, the gold, the homes and especially the cars…

So, when we drive into the parking garage in Monaco the dialogue went something like this…
Mummy: “I wonder if it is true, that a Porsche will be parked beside a Lamborghini next to a Ferrari…etc, etc”
We round the corner to the public parking level and see this


What do you see first?

Mummy (very excited): “oh wow…look that”
Amanda (very excited): “oh cool….a golf buggy!” 
Mummy: “What?? It’s not a golf buggy…it is a Lamborghini!”
Amanda: “No, it is such a cool golf buggy”

By this time we have turned the after parking and walking past the Porsche and a PGO Speedster we get back to the Lamborghini and I see for the first time the ‘golf buggy’ that Amanda saw…we aren’t really sure what it was, though both it and the Lamborghini were both very much unloved by their owners…they were covered in dust and clearly had not been driven for quite some time…what a waste, I mean if you own a car like that and don’t drive it, what is the point of owning it at all?!?!




PGO Speedster


so sad...


polish the badge at least

Perhaps this is also the reason why we have issues when it comes to the cleanliness of bedrooms at home…they just aren’t seeing what I see and vice versa…it all comes down to the individuals perspective! I will try to remember that in future…

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