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Serenity Sunday

Posted by on 30 September, 2012

This year is the first time Queensland has had a long weekend in the second half of the year, so we thought we would make the most of it. The last couple of months have been bumpy with unexpected events popping up and changing life as I knew it. They say change is good…that it is good to step out of your comfort zone…I do not completely disagree, but I do sometimes wonder if that logic does not allow for one to achieve their goal and be happy there…why do we have to make as change when the point in question is great as it is… The saying “shoot for the moon, at least if you miss you land amongst the stars” is another one of those quandaries…if you want to be on the moon and you miss..wouldn’t you want to try again rather than drifting aimlessly amongst balls of burning gas….and…if you did achieve your goal and hit the moon, don’t be surprised if someone comes along in a few days and says “so, what is your next target?”… Why is it not acceptable to say “I like it exactly where I am and have no intention of changing a thing”. I suppose it is, for a while…but then someone will come along and do something that will make your perfect place not so perfect and you will have to change your life again whether you want to or not, because things just are not how they were yesterday and will never be the same again… So…in the last two months I have been faced with challenges that deep down I always knew could be possible but had put out of my mind in the hope that they would never eventuate…but they did and I am still here…and feeling slightly agreeable to another saying…what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Part of the change in my world has been a new job. I liked my old job…or at least I liked most of it…I certainly l liked meeting lots of new people and helping the get into their own home…but the reality side of finance is that everything has a bottom line and like it or not making money takes time…lots of time and I had to decide where my time was best spent….the decision meant there will be less money to spend but much more time with those who matter… Which brings me to ‘serenity Sunday’…as I now do not work on weekends I am determined to use them doing what makes me happy. This weekend it makes me happy to make David happy…so we are camping and fishing at Glenlyon Dam. The sun is shining…the gentle breeze is blowing…the birds are singing…the fishing lines are in the water…the wine is on ice (for a little later), there is food in the esky and a great 3g signal…I have a book and chair and my best friend just a few metres away and seems to be enjoying himself regardless of whether the fish are biting or not….I feel calm and relaxed….what more could I ask for…

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