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Duck hunting

Posted by on 4 January, 2013

Getting my 30 minutes of exercise each day isn’t already easy… just getting out of bed can be a mammoth task some days… but once I am up and going it is generally quite enjoyable.

As I have recounted several times before I love the Japanese Gardens… and though I don’t really have a favourite season as such, duckling season would have to be one of the best times to visit.

A few weeks ago we noticed one mummy duck had 5 little ones…3 lemon and 2 chocolate.  Then last week another mummy showed us her 8 little lemon babies.


Today though, she only had 3 with her. I hope the others are okay and were just still snoozing somewhere safe…we hunted around a little but couldn’t see them… hopefully they will be out paddling around tomorrow.



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