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Long awaited

Posted by on 15 December, 2013

Families come in all shapes and sizes. It is unfortunately now quite common for family members to be separated for one reason or another. So today was a long awaited day…as it was the day that David’s sons were arriving.

As they have not both started high school yet, they still had to travel as unaccompanied minors…which means that Qantas was the only option. So Dave headed off early this morning to drive up to Brisbane to be sure to be at the airport in plenty of time to meet the boys as they disembarked. Next time they will be able to fly direct to Coolangatta…which is just 20 minutes up the road!

They got back to the unit in time for lunch…homemade sushi. I had made sushi before,  though it was not as nice looking as the stuff you buy….but today it worked out really well (except that I forgot to put the avocado on…oops) and almost everyone liked it.

After settling in and going for a swim in the pool,  we got out of the sun and played Earthopoly…the green version of Monopoly,  which Amanda won.

As the heat of the day wore off, we went down to Norries Beach for a late afternoon in the surf. The boys received an early Christmas present…their own boogie boards…which were then thoroughly christened.

Another swim in the pool, a game of backgammon (which I won…again), some ping pong followed by spaghetti for dinner brings me to now, curled up in bed after nodding off on the couch…wondering if life would always be this pleasant and easy if everyday was a’ holiday’!





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