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On the Seventh Day

Posted by on 20 December, 2013

…of Christmas my true love gave to me,  seven swans a swimming…nope, no swans and no swimming today

…God rested…lucky Him

…of our holidays, we packed; checked out and drove to a major shopping centre…more fool us you might say, though actually it was not the pre-christmas madness I had expected.

We found a car park easily (thanks to those little red and green lights as above each day space….then each child selected a name of another child to buy a Christmas gift for (along the lines of secret santa). I figured it would save time if they only have to pick one gift rather than 3…and meant they could have a bigger budget which would hopefully result in a better quality gift.

The girls headed off together, with Amanda completely in her element. The boys needed some support and guidance, so requested David go round with them…which gave me a few hours of relaxing shopping on my own.

Once we were all shopped out,  we went to the cinema to see The Hunger Game ‘Catching Fire’ as neither the boys nor Courtney had seen it yet and we were happy to see it as gain. Cheesy photos below!

After the movie we headed to the cars for the trip home…where we have now arrivrf safe and sound!




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