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Food Glorious Food

Posted by on 23 December, 2013

We love to eat! It is one of those necessities in life that is both immensely enjoyable and potentially depressing.

On the one hand, we love the thought of being able to whip up delicious, wholesome meals using only the best quality, freshest local produce…on the other we want it quick, easy and affordable…it is a real dilemma.

I know that I own more cook books than I will ever have a need to use and that when I watch a tv cooking show I feel inspired to travel and taste everything they suggest, even things that know I’d never really order.

My food experience today though was one that I generally try to avoid…grocery shopping! Since Coles started delivering from one of the local stores I have been a keen supporter. Sure there are times when something isn’t 100% perfect, but one quick phone call has it sorted out. The downside now is that I’m not the only one who is using the service and this week found the service to be fully booked 🙁

I realise that grocery shopping on Christmas Eve eve was always going to be a bit nightmarish, though in reality the shopping was fine. There weren’t too many people there with their tribe in tow! I even managed to get a car park right at the doors and walked straight up to a checkout with no lines.

Part One of my dislike came when it was time to pay…I know that I am shopping for the biggest meal of the year AND a weeks worth of camping supplies (read copious amounts of treats) AND that we currently have 2 extra teenage boys in the house this month…but really I cannot see how what I bought is’ worth’ what it ‘cost’…

Part Two of my dislike was getting OUT of the shopping centre car park. It took me 55 minutes to get from the car space near the supermarket doors to the lights on the corner of Clifford and Hill Streets. The main reason seemed to be old women with no Christmas Spirit…what is it that makes some people just plain mean…surely they know by know that a little kindness goes a long way!

So, after eventually making it home the groceries still needed to be unpacked and sorted out for Christmas Day and packed ready for camping…it seemed to take the whole afternoon…luckily for the kids Grandma came and rescued them and they all went to the pool for the afternoon.

Once I had had enough, there was still enough daylight to water the garden, play a game of backgammon, cook dinner and watch a movie (and I didn’t even fall asleep).

At least we know now that we won’t starve over week and a half!

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