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Christmas Morning

Posted by on 25 December, 2013

Yes…I believe…

…in Santa and fairies and elves

…in spending more money on presents than necessary

…it is better to give than to receive

…in letting the kids eat lollipops for breakfast

…it will be necessary for two blog posts today

The kids were advised not to wake anyone else before 5am and they did very well! Unfortunately I still woke up at about 4:15am due to a sniffly nose, so after half an hour trying to get back to sleep I decided just to get up and have a shower instead.

By 5:30am everyone was up and ready for presents!!! Amanda played Santa’s Little Helper and distributed the presents from Santa and us…then Daniel took over to share the gifts he and Mitchell had brought with them.

Everyone scored very well…particularly me…I haven’t yet learned that I don’t have to buy for myself as David is on the ball!

Amanda’s haul (she also has received a larger version of the suitcase and a subscription to Dolly Magazine)

Courtney’s bounty


Daniel’s stash (plus a boogie board and return flights from Adelaide to Qld)

Mitchell’s mound (plus boogie board and flights)

David’s booty (plus a subscription to F1 Magazine and tickets to the 2014 Sepang F1)


My collection (plus F1 tickets)


So many thoughtful gifts…and we know there are more waiting at Grandma and Grandads…we certainly are fortunate!

Merry Christmas to all!

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