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T’was the night before Christmas

Posted by on 25 December, 2013

I’m so glad I had the day off today…there rarely seem to be enough days leading up to Christmas as it is… and if you loose most of them going to work it is even harder…however this year I planned my leave well!

Baking cake and muffins for camping and making White Christmas and Chocolate Crispy Balls took most of the morning.

The afternoon passed in a bit of a blur…catching up with the neighbours about feeding the cat while we’ll be away;

going Mum and Dad’s about camping gear; playing backgammon with Amanda and then with David after watering the garden;


cooking sticky chicken for dinner and then sitting down to play a video game on my own for the first time in ages…it can be challenging when there are ‘experts’ that want to hone their skills during the day!


I was pretty tired, so unsurprisingly feel asleep on the couch with controller in hand…only to wake up and find that it was just after midnight and Santa had already been!


I promise I didn’t open any…or even shake them even a little bit!

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