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Setting up camp

Posted by on 26 December, 2013

It seemed like a good idea…take the boys camping and catch up with some of my relies at the same time….and I am sure that it will be, however there is no denying today was challenging.

For starters it is Boxing Day, so the last few days I have been mainly focused on getting ready for Christmas with no specific focus on packing for camping (except for making sure we had food)…though David did sort through the cupboards and pull out what we needed and go and raid Mum and Dad’s camping supplies (with permission of course)…as we usually camp with them there are a few things we haven’t bothered to buy for ourselves as we share. Hopefully we have everything essential…guessing by the full car and trailer I think we have we everything and some!

We eventually got away late morning. It is only about a 90 minute drive to Goomburra and we spent the time playing ‘name that song and who sings it’. David did very well of course!

Upon arriving at Gordon Country, we checked in (having booked and paid online) and found our campsite which was next to my Aunt and Uncle, their kids (my age) and their kids.

Located on the bank of the creek, it was idylic, though there must be several hundred cicadas in the trees and they are making themselves heard. It blends in after a while though.

To be honest, setting up camp isn’t that bad…yes it is usually hot and hard work but the reward of then being able to relax for the remaining time makes it worth it! Though setting up with teenager boys who gave been camping less times in their entire lives than we have been in the last twelve months proved challenging…

I am very positive that tomorrow will be a more relaxing day now the work is done!

I must have worked hard today as I didn’t even stop to take any photos….

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