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Finding our way

Posted by on 27 December, 2013

It can be difficult to comprehend why no one else thinks exactly the same way I do…surely if something is obvious to me it should be obvious to everyone…shouldn’t it?!?!

I have been known on many occasions to offend someone without meaning too. When asked what qualities people admire in others, the answer is often ‘that they be open and honest’. It is believed that by knowing what someone is really thinking, then everyone benefits…but do they really?!?!

I had to complete a questionnaire at work a few weeks ago, which was designed to score your responses in such a way that put a list of characteristics into an order for you, with the most prevelent being your top scores. I don’t remember all of mine in order, however the top one was Honest and the last was Teamwork. I know this to be true…often to my detriment.

These last couple of days have tested my tolerance of behaviours and ethics that don’t match my own. I’m not suggesting that I am necessarily right and the others are wrong…just that the way or manner in which others conduct themselves is different from me and how I raised my own children.

My challenge, which I admit I am struggling with, is to find a balance between honesty and teamwork…to live harmoniously with others that think and act differently…without being a dictator and demanding my own ways be followed precisely…knowing there are many ways to accomplish an outcome; allowing others to find their own way, even when they appear to be heading in the wrong direction or going in circles as they do not have a goal; remembering that so long as they are not in physical danger then it doesn’t matter how long it takes to get there.

That is the end of my psychological ponderings for now…

Amanda and Daniel had a great time in the boats on the little swimming hole in the creek this morning.

We had a few locals visit today too…




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