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Beginner Backgammon

Posted by on 31 December, 2013

Today is our last day camping at Goomburra. I’ve enjoyed the time, though I am looking forward to heading home tomorrow.

One of the more challenging part of this trip that we have had to deal with has been the cicadas. They live in the trees around the clearing that we are camped in and they are very noisy…almost to the point of being deafening.

This morning David and the boys wanted to walk the track to the falls. It’s about 1.8km each way, over sometimes slippery slopes. It’s a bit of an overcast morning so it was perfect…not too hot.

As the track is in a National Park, dogs are not allowed, so we could not all go. Amanda and I decided that it would be better to spend the time sitting in the car in the car park rather than stay at camp with the cicadas so we went for the drive…read books, had a nap and did some puzzles.

In the afternoon, David and I set up the backgammon game in a nice little spot in the shade. We had just settled in to our second game when Daniel asked if he could learn to play. A storm was brewing, so Dave went off to secure the tent and close the windows and I taught Daniel to play backgammon. Let’s call it beginners luck…he won the first three games.

The rain came so we moved in under the tent.. then Mitchell decided he would like to learn how to play as well. Dave taught him how to play, then Daniel, Mitchell and Amanda had a few games themselves.

I never had any intention of staying up until midnight just because it was New Years Eve, however as our game had been interrupted, Dave and I decided to resume play after the kids had gone to bed. Our game continued until about 11:30pm…however as I write this it is still 10 to midnight and I am nodding off and do not think I will make it…


Good night 2013!

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