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Reality sucks

Posted by on 2 January, 2014

…but at least it is cool…

I had to go back to work today. It isn’t that my job is bad, because it really is not bad….it is just a bit boring… I sit down at a computer all day and read and type.

I decided to go outside for lunch…but our little table in the carpark was in the sun and it was too hot out there…so I went over to the botanical gardens instead and sat under a big shady tree and read my new book.

I could easily have stayed there for the rest of the afternoon…but did the right thing and went back to work.

After work I went to pick up my new glasses that had arrived…I’ll take a photo of them tomorrow…it was nice and cool at the shops but my feet were not up to a walk around, so I quickly ducked into the supermarket to pick up some mincemeat for dinner and went home and made hamburgers to cook on the bbq. David is an expert burger maker from his time working at Hungry Jacks…in the good old days…so they looked and tasted great.

What I should have done in hindsight is shuffled into the shoe store and bought some new shoes for work…then my feet wouldn’t feel so sore tomorrow…

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