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Posted by on 3 January, 2014

It can be difficult sometimes to look back on a days activities and find something that I think is interesting enough to write about…today is one of those times.

I could resort to writing about the weather….it was quite hot today. By the time I arrived at work at about 6:45am it was already almost 30°. According to the weather bureau the moment I walked out of work at 3:27pm it was the hottest temperature of the day at 37.5°. Getting into my car to drive home was rather unpleasant as it sits in the direct sunlight all day. Apparently tomorrow will be even hotter still.

I spent some time in the garden out the back this afternoon. It was shady though still pretty warm even though a strong breeze was blowing and storm clouds had built up…unfortunately they passed over us so we still needed to give everything a good amount of water.
We picked what may be our last crop of tomatoes from this seasons plants. They were mainly cherry tomatoes so I decided to make them into a sauce to have with some spaghetti for dinner. Frying onion and garlic make everyone hungry, so even though it felt too hot to eat much, the troops were all eager to taste my concoction. It wasn’t fantastic but it hit the spot.

After dinner we put on a dvd I had received for Christmas called ‘Cloud Atlas’. I had seen a preview for it at the cinema earlier this year (I think) but never made it back there to see the film.  It was interesting…different, though I had no real expectations…went for about 3 hours (I think I missed a few minutes just after half way when I dozed off). With a cast full of well known actors I was surprised not to recognise some of them in their roles…of which they each had between 3 and 7…

It is know late and definitely passed my bedtime.

Good night

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