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The Scariest Birthday Present Ever

Posted by on 7 January, 2014

My day started by not starting…which was lovely. As usual, my internal clock woke me up at about 5am…however as I don’t believe in going to work on my birthday (and had booked an RDO ages ago), I happily rolled over and went back to sleep. To make that easier, I was blessed with a slightly cool, overcast morning…just perfect for laying in a little longer!

When I was ready, I rose to find Amanda starting to prepare my birthday breakfast…pancakes! For quite a few years now, Amanda has cooked breakfast for me on my birthday. Even though the thought of breakfast in bed sounds idylic, I just don’t feel it is…so I do like to get up to eat. This year though, as I had my new toy, I offered to be involved in the preparations and assisted Amanda by teaching her how to use the new mixer!

After breakfast, David and I played a game of backgammon while the kids cleaned up…another little treat!

Another activity which by default has become a birthday tradition is going to buy school supplies. The shop at school has most everything required, so it isn’t difficult, though often quite busy. There were a few families doing the same thing today and it was a nice opportunity to catch up with them.


We went to Sizzler for lunch…an easy option when you have fussy eaters to deal with as they can choose their own.

After eating just that little bit more than necessary, it was time to do one of the scariest things I have done in a really long time…it was my idea (a present to myself really) so I have no one to blame but myself…and I am well aware that today will (in hindsight) be the easiest part…but still, as one of my favourite quotes says “the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”…and today I took that step…I (take a deep breath) signed up for… BOOTCAMP (BC)…30 days of being pushed to my limit (which currently isn’t very far) and then just a bit further. I met Tess who will be running the sessions at 5am…Monday to Friday…from 28 Jan. She seemed very nice, supportive but brutally honest…though I think she has a very clear idea of just how terrified I am and held back a bit…

So…I know have 3 weeks from today to prepare myself mentally…set myself some clear, stretching but achievable goals and gather all of the courage I can muster to make these next seven weeks as life changing as possible…

Two weeks after BC finishes we fly to Cambodia. ..I really want to be in a mental and physical state to have a fantastic adventure…not just a mediocre sightseeing drive.

So, to finish my birthday blog I will ask you a question that I like to ask myself occasionally…and given this is my 39th birthday it seems more poignant…

In 12 months time, what one thing will you wish you had started today?

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