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Posted by on 8 January, 2014

It is well known amongst my family and close friends that I have a very low pain threshold in general…and that I am prone to passing out: If something hurts; I get too hot; I see blood; I hear someone talking about something bloody or gory…I think you get the picture…

So…I am extremely proud of myself today, for getting not one, but two needles…and not fainting, throwing up or even crying!!!

David, Amanda and I had an appointment with The Travel Doctor this afternoon as it is getting nearer to our overseas trip and time to ensure all our vaccinations were up to date. I’ve always thought that getting one needle first, whilst we are well, is so much better than running the risk of getting sick and then having to have lots of needles later when you feel awful…so vaccinations and immunisations are an essential part of life, particularly when travelling to locations that aren’t as clean as home. Even though Amanda and I have travelled through South-East Asia before, and had the necessary shots years ago, some of them don’t last forever, so a Typhoid booster was required for us both and I was also due for a Tetanus booster…lucky me….surely it couldn’t have been 10 years already! Dave needed his first Typhoid and Hep A shot…luckily for him it is combined, so only requires one jab in the arm!


With ‘heavy’ arms we headed home, watered the garden, cooked dinner and then settled down for a game…tonight’s selection was Harry Potter Scene It….which I won by a mile!!!



Not that it makes any difference to the reading of the blog…but I will mention that tonight I am once again, for the first time in a very long time, typing my entry up on my Samsung Tablet. It has been out of action for some time, as my charger vanished…though thankfully Dave was kind enough to buy me a new one for Christmas and we eventually got around to plugging it in last night…and now it is fully charged, the dozen or so app updates are complete and it is working a treat….the only down sides are 1. No preemptive text or voice to text, though I’m sure I’ll find it and set it up tomorrow… and 2. My photos were all on my phone…but thanks to bluetooth I haven’t had to get out of bed to transfer them from the phone to tablet…though in hindsight I am now thinking I should have just put them straight up on the cloud and retrieved them from there…never mind, there is always tomorrow…if I remember!

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