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How fortunate I am

Posted by on 9 January, 2014

It is easy to get complacent about the day to day activities of life. I often think that I should be more appreciative of those around me who make my life what it is.

I came home from work today feeling very tired and with a developing headache. David had been home with the kids today and was outside in the garden erecting a new wire structure to support our growing passionfruit vine. He had been out and bought the necessary materials and was well underway. Upon seeing my deteriorating energy level, he sent me to bed with a paracetamol for a nap.

Around 7pm, he came in and woke me gently advising that dinner would be ready soon…he is acutely aware that I can be a bear with a sore head when woken from a nanna nap, so left me to get up at my own pace with plenty of time before dinner was served…a lovely thai green chicken curry!

After dinner we watched a bit of tv quietly…a cooking show called Two Greedy Italians. The theme of the show was looking at the way Italian men are tradionally waited on hand and foot by their wives, sisters and mothers…that they sit down expecting a delicious meal be served to them and then cleared and cleaned up while they go and relax with their friends. It also touched on the ‘odd’ fellows who are choosing to be house husbands and volunteering to pick up a broom or learn to cook for themselves…and how this is usually as a result of divorce…

Anyway, it made me realise just how fortunate I am that I have a partner in life that is supportive and compassionate, who doesn’t expect me to do everything in the house and will just get up and do the dishes or put on a load of laundry without being asked.

After having about 10 years without a partner…and believing that I was okay…it sure is nice to have someone to share the load of life with.

So…thanks David…for putting yourself out there so that we met and for putting up with me each and every day since!

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