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From Every Angle

Posted by on 11 January, 2014

Every moment, hundreds of people are seeing the same thing from a different angle.

The way we look at something can seriously impact how we feel about it…so taking the time to move around and look from another angle is often a wise decision, especially if your current perspective is not making you happy.

This morning David and I went shopping for Amanda’s birthday present. I won’t say what it is yet (I don’t want to ruin the surprise) though I will say that I am glad I took the time to look around and think about the choices I needed to make from a number of different angles.

This afternoon I spent some quiet time out in the garden…where I noticed again that depending on the angle of my view, the picture was incredibly different.

Getting down low and peering under leaves, I saw my first eggplant is starting to grow…

Looking down onto the curled leaves of the mandarin tree I found this little fellow…

He looked well protected with his spiky back, though I was a bit startled when Dave lifted him out and he pocked his forked tongue at us…

Looking up
to the North…

to the East…

to the South…

to the West…

the clouds didn’t bring a ny rain…though depending on what you were doing this evening, that may have left you feeling pleased or disappointed.
Personally I was hoping for an inch to refill the rainwater tank…though pleased it didn’t pour down as we went to Mum & Dad’s for a bbq dinner.

When we came home we watched ‘Joan of Arc’…now there is a film full of opinions from individual perspectives…French, Burgundian or English; religious or political; sane or mad; the list goes on…I cannot say that I ‘enjoyed’ the film however I do find the history interesting. 

We were fortunate enough to visit the Notre Dame Cathedral in Reims, France when we were overseas in 2012 and I remember reading about her while we were there and thinking how courageous she must have been…though obviously they were written from the French/Religious perspective…but I still think she was very brave anyway.

This is a photo of the page from my scrapbook of our time their…from my perspective!

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