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The Plate and The Soup

Posted by on 15 January, 2014

I went for a ‘run’ this morning…I will call it that for want of a better word that describes the effort I put into it. Today is the 15th and boot camp starts on the 28th…so I need to take some action now to at least attempt to be prepared.

Upon returning from my run…and catching my breath and making sure I wasn’t going to be sick…I made my breakfast. While waiting for my eggs to cook I noticed the plate I was using was my special plate…the one I had drawn on for a fundraiser for Amanda’s kindergarten…9 years ago!

I had written on it all of the things that I loved at the time…my preferences haven’t changed much since then…I still enjoy all of those things, even though some happen a lot less often than they used to…and a couple have different names now…


My story today finishes with another meal related comment. I used my thermo resist blender on my new mixer for the first time and made a tasty cream of chicken and vegetable soup for dinner!

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