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A Martha Stewart Moment

Posted by on 16 January, 2014

I hate to admit it…but we often sit on the couch and eat dinner in front of the tv. A number of different things I have read or heard recently have reminded me of just how bad that is for us all.

Firstly…the way you actually sit isn’t good for you let alone doing anything to aid digestion.

Secondly…we don’t talk to each other as we are listening to the tv show.

And finally (though I’m sure there are dozens more reasons)…I serve a pretty big portion onto our plates before sitting down and we usually just eat it all because it is there, not because we are particularly hungry or even really focusing on what we are eating at all.

None of these facts are new news to me…I already knew that…so why then do I continue to allow it to happen and participate in this practice…there really is only one word to describe it….laziness

This afternoon I decided to make a change. I read an article online yesterday which explained the things french families know about eating…again it wasn’t rocket science but it was interesting. My main pick ups we to avoid eating between meals and try to reduce the size of the evening meal.

For today’s dinner, I decided we would sit down and have a nice meal…which we did!

Sweet Chilli and Lime Fish cooked on the bbq…pasta salad…and a tomato, onion and basil salad. All homemade!
I even set the table with a tablecloth and took the photo, explaining to the kids that this almost qualified as a Martha Stewart moment!

After dinner, once the table was cleared we played a game of Trivial Pursuit ‘for kids’.


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