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All Ready, Already

Posted by on 17 January, 2014

For the third day in a row I managed to get up and go for a run before work. This morning David came along too. When we got back home I was breathing (which is a good sign) and felt that I could do a bit more, so I got on the bike and peddled for a few more minutes.

It is down to 56 days until we leave for Cambodia, so I really need to get better at riding. I think next week will be time to get my real bike out…

While David was on the bike, he spotted a little patch of red against the fence under the passionfruit vine and upon closer inspection I found a lovely little group of raspberries. I’d thought that side was done, so it was a nice treat…it also gave me the inspiration to test out the camera on my phone again.



Speaking of ‘days to go’…today is the last day of David’s sons being with us for the holidays. They arrived 5 weeks ago and in the morning we will put them on the plane home to Adelaide.

My girls also leave tomorrow, to go on their annual holiday with Grandma at Caloundra. I still remember the first time Courtney went…I had just had Amanda a few days earlier…I can picture her, almost 3 years old with her suitcase packed, ready and waiting to go! Unfortunately, time has ticked away so quickly that now it has reached the stage where Courtney will only be able to stay for the weekend…as she has been successful in gaining her first part time job! On Monday, Court will have her first paid shift at Gellatisimo!!!

As a token of thanks to Mum, I baked some rocky road cookies and mixed berry muffins for them to take away.


Following on from last night, we had a nice sit down dinner of home baked chicken, roast potatoes and salad….followed by a game of charades!

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