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The Tank Runneth Empty

Posted by on 21 January, 2014

It is the middle of summer…
We live in Queensland…
So, the temperature is quite high…
And most natural living objects are parched and dry.

But…because this is the 21st century and I have been raised in a time of plenty…and am really not used to not having what I want whenever I want it (you can think ‘spoilt’ if you like)…I was surprised this afternoon to realise, that somehow, Mother Nature had forgotten me.

I thought back to the last few weeks of beautiful sunny days that were mild and the odd day that was hotter…and how convenient that it has been not to have to rearrange any plans due to the weather being adverse. Today though, I am feeling that a little adversity would have been okay…if it had refilled my rain water tank.

Now…I am not going to insult those living outside of the city areas that don’t have access to town water, by suggesting that my dilemma is anything like what they are facing day after day…week after week…month after month. I don’t have livestock dying in front of me…I don’t have my livelihood blowing away in the topsoil that is like powder or worse, salt…

I do feel responsible for trying to save my little vege garden. When I got home this afternoon I went out to water the garden…and for the first time that I have experienced…the tank ran out…it isn’t a very large tank, however it has always been enough in the past. I suppose the vege garden has expanded quite a bit this year and this is the first summer of it being fully functional and me being involved in it. In hindsight I should have expected the possibility…but I really thought it would rain before it ran out.


As the plants were in need, I succumbed to my alternative…and used the hose connected to the town water supply. Now I know what you are thinking…what is she complaining about…she has a tap to turn on…it isn’t even an issue…and I agree…it isn’t an issue, I can turn on the tap and I can afford to pay for the water that I am using…but that isn’t my point. I am, for perhaps the first time, thinking about how much I assume that I will get what I need when I need it (and what I want when I want it)…it just usually happens that way.

As I was finishing watering the garden with the hose, the storm clouds that had passed over earlier started to make their way back…with thunder and lightening and rain…not a lot of rain, but enough to make me realise that Mother Nature hasn’t forgotten me…she just wanted me to stop taking her for granted!

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