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Time flies when you’re

Posted by on 24 January, 2014

“Having Fun”….or doing something completely unproductive…

I learned a long time ago that hours can slip away in a moment when you are ‘playing around’ on a computer…I’ll just sit down to check my email or pay a bill…and an hour later I’ll get up without having opened more than the first email, because it had a link to something which had an interesting article which had a link to a page that had an advertisement about something amazing which…..I think we’ve all been there!

Yet, when I go to work and sit in front of the computer the minutes can often seem to take hours…maybe because there are no advertisements to distract me from what I am supposed to be doing…

So today, with a fun distraction at work, the day seemed to roll along quite quickly and was quite enjoyable. It wasn’t an ad on the computer…it was a celebration of diversity…or more simply put, morning tea to celebrate Australia Day!

Now…we love to have ‘a morning tea shout’ at work and they happen reasonably often (which is good for the soul but not so good for the waistline) and we may have even had one especially for Australia Day in the past, however this year a colleague of mine organised it as a’ diversity’ event.

I had an initial thought of ‘how is this diversity’ but then got out of my own little bubble and remembered that not everyone that lives in Australia was born here…and that to many this is a new home and they are learning what it means to be ‘Australian’…that diversity works both ways…accepting what is usual and unusual for you!

My colleague is Scottish and last year we celebrated St Andrew’s Day. I learned to make Scottish Tablet for that morning tea…it’s a bit like caramel fudge only very sugary and dry. We also have plans to celebrate the Chinese New Year next month so I’ll need to do some research on what to make.


This is a few of the crew that set up today. I made pumpkin scones. There was also lamingtons; anzac biscuits; green and gold cupcakes; mango and sausage rolls with tomato sauce, of course!

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