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Australia Day

Posted by on 26 January, 2014

Well my commitment to myself to get up this morning and go for a good, long walk was fulfilled. I created my ‘walking circuit’ which is about 6.8km long and took me just over an hour and a quarter. The goal time was about an hour and a half, but to be honest I thought it would take me longer to walk back up the hill to home than it did!

We don’t really get into the Australia Day parties like some people do…though Amanda did her little bit to show that she remembered what day it was…

It was actually a bit of a grey, windy day so the suggestion to play some board games was welcome…and it allowed for the JJJ Top 100 of 2013 to be on most of the day too…

A game that hasn’t seen the light of day for many years was Oz Quiz. It came in a Styrofoam six pack esky with one cent coins for tokens. Questions are from a variety of categories, such as history; sport; places; people; animals and slang…but then there was also ‘up the creek’ which could require you to sing, dance or act out something…usually embarrassing! Everyone had fun, though being made in 1984 did make it a bit hard for the girls (and me)…

We couldn’t go through Australia Day without some iconic aussie food…so for dinner I cooked some roast lamb ribs that I had marinated a bit and served them with a nice salad including several veges from our garden…

Though I think everyone agreed the best was saved for last…yummy pavlova!

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